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At Royal Home Flooring, we treat every customer like royalty and provide the highest quality product for the best possible price.

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A loop style carpet has solid, looped strands for a clean, low-maintenance and modest aesthetic. This durable carpet style is enduring, strong, and perfect for your home's high-traffic spaces.

  • Beautiful Texture
  • Minimizes Footprints
  • Easy to Maintain


A pattern carpet is made by combining different loop and cut heights for any kind of distinct patterns from striking and stunning to modest and quaint. This is another pet and kid friendly carpet style perfectly suited for easy maintenance and high traffic areas.

  • Many Unique Patterns Possible
  • Easy to Clean
  • Density of Carpet Resistant to High Traffic & Spills


Texture, also known as plush, carpeting is a style with long, crimped yarns sewn into the backing material for a relaxed aesthetic that's suited for any room. Each loop is cut to the same length for a super-soft feel, making texture carpeting one of the most popular of carpet styles.

  • Most Comfortable Feel
  • Compliment Any Type of Decor
  • As Durable As It Is Soft

Frieze (Twist)

Frieze, or twist, carpeting is a style with high, twisted yarns for a more elegant or formal aesthetic and feel. Its long twisted fibers can create various dimensions, patterns, designs, and visual interests while still providing a comfortable feel under the foot.

  • Easy to Hide Seams
  • Comfortable Step Under Foot
  • Elegance in Appearance

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At Royal Home Flooring, we treat every customer like royalty and provide the highest quality product for the best possible price.

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